Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis

Existing Sports Trainers use this course as an entry point for Clinical Hypnosis Training.
Please note: This page is out of date although the course is still available. Dr Cowen presents
a variation of this course at Southern Cross University.
Please contact the Acadmey for current information.

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Royal Aust. College of General Practitioners

for up to 40 Group 1 CPD points and

General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration

Mental Health Level 1 ongoing CPD


Australian Association of Social Workers

endorsed this course for continuing education


Australian Society of Hypnosis (ASH)

has endorsed this course. Students who complete this course will receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for the ASH Introductory Course.


Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

has endorsed this unit.

Completion attracts 110 CPD hours.

Aim This course is designed to give you the skills to use hypnosis within your practice. It encompasses concepts and skills specifically designed for health professionals and enhances practitioner skills to a higher level of competency and integration with Clinical Hypnosis.
CPD Hrs 112 hours approximately (inclusive of lectures and performing required learning tasks).

Hypnotic Theory for the Health Professional
Susceptibility Techniques
Induction Procedures
Deepening Procedures
Awakening Hypnoanalytical Techniques

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Transactional Analysis and Gestalt
Self Hypnosis
Ethics and Safeguards
Clinical Approach to Conditions in an existing Health Practice

Location Online - via Moodle

An existing qualification in a health field.

Assessment Assessments included
Award Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis is emailed after online feedback sheet is completed.
Fee USD$2500.00 (For Australians the fees for the Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis are AUD$2500.)

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