Mini Units

This series of low cost Continuing Professional Development (CPD) online Mini Units provide notes, lectures (some recorded live in the classroom) and learning activities.

Primarily created in response to requests from regional practitioners, these Mini Units are also attracting practitioners who appreciate the convenience of being able to undertake the Mini Lectures in their own time in their own home or office.

Upon completion of activities required by each Mini Unit a Certificate of Completion will be provided.


Mini Units Details

Duration: 1 hour (approx.) inclusive of listening to lectures and performing learning tasks.

Cost: USD$29.90. All Mini Units are the same cost

Duration of enrolment:  90 days, i.e. you will have 90 days from the date of enrolment to complete the mini unit.


Concepts of Hypnoanalysis (CPDHTCON)

Progression (CPDHT1P)

Regression (CPDHT1R)

Automatic Writing (CPDHT1AW)

Ideomotor Questioning (CPDHT2IQ)

Dream Therapy (CPDHT2DT)

Hypnotic Empty Chair (CPDTAG1HEC)

Warming Up Feelings (CPDHT1WUF)

Getting referrals from General Practitioners (CPDGRGP)
Ditch the Script: Customisation-Basic Principles