Condensed Units

This Condensed Unit Series delivers online, low cost Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and includes notes, audio lectures (recorded live in the classroom) and learning activities.


These Condensed Units provide significantly more than the Mini Units for those practitioners who want to develop new knowledge and skills or build on existing skill sets.


These lectures were in part created in response to regional practitioners who requested more in-depth information and learning activities but are also appreciated by those practitioners who want to do their CPD in their own time in their own home or office.


Upon completion of each Condensed Unit a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Details of Condensed Unit Series

Duration: 5-6 hours approximately (inclusive of listening to the audio lectures and performing any required learning activities).

Cost: USD$275.00. All Condensed Units are the same cost.

Duration of enrolment: 90 days, i.e. you will have 90 days from the date of enrolment to complete a Condensed Unit.


Hypnoanalytical Techniques 1 (CPDHT1COND)

Hypnoanalytical Techniques 2 (CPDHT2COND)
Ditch the Script: Analyse and Customise