Continuing Professional Development


Using hypnosis in addition to existing skills is very rewarding. It adds a unique dimension. Once you have the foundational skills your proficiencies develop by undertaking continuing education units in your particular area of interest. The range of online units is extensive and practical work will further increase your effectiveness.

Our Units and Course. assist health professionals increase their skills by providing comprehensive audio lectures and notes. They have been designed to accommodate Rural and Remote internet requirements. Skype, telephone and email support is available whenever it is required by the student.

Online delivery is a combination of over 40 years clinical experience, 30 years of lecturing and the most up to date online technology available. It allows study where and when you want. Our online learning platform (Moodle) has been developed to provide the most current online educational facility for clinical hypnotherapy training available.


The Academy presents a range of CPD activities, including:

Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis   This course is designed to give you the skills to use hypnosis within your practice. It encompasses concepts and skills specifically designed for health professionals and enhances practitioner skills to a higher level of competency and integration with Clinical Hypnosis.

Mini Units

  • Duration - 1 hour  (approx.)
  • Location - Online
  • Assessment - None.

Condensed Units

  • Duration -  Up to five hours  (approx.)
  • Location - Online
  • Assessment – None

Full Units

  • Duration - up to forty five hours (approx)
  • Location - Online
  • Assessment - optional
  • Note:  Whilst there are no set prerequisites for units in the CPD Full Unit category, many of the units assume some prior knowledge of hypnosis/hypnotherapy. For that reason if you have no prior knowledge it is strongly recommended, that the first unit you complete should be HCT401 Hypnosis Counselling and Therapy. (HCT401 is also the unit that makes up the Practitioner Certificate in Hypnosis.)

Workshops The aim of these workshops is to provide the knowledge and skills to enable participants to demonstrate competent therapeutic techniques in a simulated clinical situation(s) of approximately thirty minutes duration.  Participants choose the topics based on their needs and the range is open to all techniques that relate to the practice of hypnosis/clinical hypnotherapy.

Webinars   The Webinars may be presented live or be recordings.

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