Future Students

Future Clinical Hypnotherapy Students

Do you have a passion to help people, to assist them in leading happy, stress-free lives? Clinical hypnotherapy is very rewarding profession which can provide the ACADEMY OF APPLIED HYPNOSISindependence of self-employment, the satisfaction of helping others and the security of earning a comfortable living. As a skilled clinical hypnotherapist, you will gain a comprehensive set of skills and abilities that will enable you to help your clients overcome issues and lead them towards a brighter future. In your role as a health professional you will work with other health professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other practitioners in such diverse areas such as pain control, sexual issues, migraines, stress, skin disease, phobias, insomnia, forensic hypnosis and asthma. If you like people and enjoy helping them, the career satisfaction is exceptional.

As you study with us you learn from arguably the most qualified clinical hypnotherapist in Australia. Dr Leon W. Cowen (PhD) has been practicing since 1974 and teaching for professional associations, hospitals and universities for over 30 years. It was Leon’s foresight that guided the Academy to the first government accreditation for clinical hypnotherapy training in Australia (1998).