Clinical Hypnotherapy is a very rewarding profession learn hypnosiswhich can provide the independence of self-employment, the satisfaction of helping others, and the security of earning a comfortable living. If you like people and enjoy helping them, there is a great deal of career satisfaction. Many therapists receive enormous pleasure from helping their clients overcome a life-long challenge, shed unwanted habits such as smoking or over-eating, or in helping them progress in their chosen sport or career.

A Rewarding New Career         

Clinical Hypnotherapists work with health professionals such as Doctors, Dentists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and other practitioners to assist in areas such as pain control, sexual issues, migraines, stress, skin disease, phobias, insomnia, forensic hypnosis and asthma.

Because your primary responsibility as a Clinical Hypnotherapist will be to your clients' wellbeing, the Academy will help you learn how to treat clients safely and effectively, with care and compassion. The Academy will teach you the most appropriate methods to help your clients achieve results quickly and effectively, as well as help you to know and be able to use a variety of approaches and therapeutic strategies. Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling can be very rewarding careers, but like all professions there is much that needs to be learned and practised. This is why anyone who intends to follow this career path requires the most comprehensive and professional training available.

About Dr Leon W Cowen (PhD) (Executive Director)